Best Paper Shredder for Home Use

paper shredder for home use

As a business ourselves we know how important security is for businesses and individuals alike. Did you know that one in five people have been affected by identity theft? With identity theft on the rise, it’s more important than ever to stop sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands. The easiest way to retake yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft is to shred sensitive documents on a regular basis when choosing a paper shredder.

There are a few things to consider like what will you be using the shredder for if you’re a home user who only needs to occasionally shred personal documents or private correspondence – a desk-side personal shredder will probably suffice.

Business owners and large corporations who need to dispose of commercially sensitive material on a frequent basis would best be served by a desk site or freestanding shredder with wheels.

BEST Paper Shredders for HOME USE

#1 Royal 1840 MX Paper Shredder

Comes is 2 sizes – the 1840 MX able to shred 18 sheets at one go while the smaller version able to shred 12 sheets at one time.

Royal believes this by offering one of the largest lines of affordable paper shredders that are designed to meet the demands of today’s world. They are one of the better brand in office supplies on Amazon.

The powerful motor shreds up to 18 sheets of paper at one time into small unreadable pieces in only five seconds.

The 1840 MX also shred CDs DVDs and credit cards completely destroying all printed and digital information.

If you’ve ever had to shred thousands of documents in a single night and you know how time-consuming the process can be. Not taking into the shredder cool time period too!

The Royal 1840 MX is an excellent shredder to get through long shredding sessions its large slot is capable of handling up to 18 sheets of paper at once and its runtime of 40 minutes is awesome perfect!

There’s no need to remove staples or small paper clips when you shred with the Royal 1840 MX (18 sheet). If you need a low end spec shredder, their 12 sheet shredder is price affordable – it remains our top choice at Tollotoshop.

Price for 18 Sheet: $199.99

Price for 12 Sheet: $65.81

#2 Amazon Basics Paper Shredder

Our preferred item to purchase if you are seriously looking into one! Come is 3 sizes with a price range of 30usd to 100usd.

The Amazon basics crosscut shredder provides the best compromise between price and performance. The shredder doesn’t cut too quickly and it can’t run for very long but it’s perfectly suited for home or light office usage.

This crosscut shredder can hit on 6 pages at one go and is also capable of slicing credit cards one at a time.

The shredder is backed by a one-year warranty by Amazon. While the shredder is perfectly adequate it is only suitable for home or small office use, half an hour is its rest time.

It is perfectly capable and it is reasonably priced for any home use!

Price for 8 Sheet: $34.99

Price for 12 Sheet: $99.99

Price for 15 Sheet: $109.99

#3 Aurora JamFree AU1235XA Shredder

The aurora jam-free au size a cross-cut paper shredder that eliminates paper jams. The jam free sensor in this shredder measures the amount of paper you want to shred when the stack is too thick.

The paper shredder refuses to shred this prevents a possible paper jam with the Aurora paper shredder you can shred your documents for five minutes straight the shredder stops automatically to prevent overheating the cool down time. It takes up 30 minutes it shreds credit cards.

It’s priced right for both home in the office and with a 20 minute runtime it’s got enough horsepower to cut through junk mail and old tax returns with time to spare.

Price: $94.99 (Offer)

#4 Swingline 14 Sheet Paper Shredder

The Swingline is a small and portable paper shredder which suits home use the best. It’s compact size also means a compact bin size so at five gallons it’s on the small side and more than enough to get through a single shredding session sheets with paper clips or staples are handled with ease.

The crosscut shred can cut through 14 sheets of paper at once with a single letter size sheet shredded into more than 400 pieces. Boom, all you need it just a simple button and your paper is shredded with ease.

Price: $187

#5 Creative Handheld USB Powered Paper Shredder – $13.09

With this paper shredder, you can shred several sheets of paper at one go.
With a paper emptying switch, it can be easily used.  Please take note the paper shredder does shred paper into segments only.

portable paper shredder

With its hand-held barrel design is very convenient for emptying scraps of paper out.

best handheld paper shredder

Material: ABS
Mode: USB powered or 4 AA batteries (not included)
Paper feed width: A6 document or A4 document
Shabby shape: strip
Broken paper width: 2mm
Uses: shredding
Application: Universal
Product Size: 26 * 7 * 5cm

Price: $13.06

Which PAPER SHREDDER is the Best to Buy?

Questions that will help you choose the shredder that’s right for you include how many sheets can I shred at once how much shredded paper will it hold.

Can I also shred staples credit cards paperclips and CDs how long can it be used for a period without a break.?

Do I need extra security in case of the shredder jamming and finally how securely?

Do I want to destroy shredded documents do I choose a strip cut crosscut or micro shredder?

Buying Paper Shredder Online

Once you know what you need to destroy and how often choosing the right shredder is easy and of course ping us if you have any questions about how to choose the shredder that’s right for you or your business office works team. Happy shopping for the best office supplies.