Cubot X19 Review – $149

cublot smartphone

We are checking out one of the latest phones from Aliexpress and  Cubot X19 is on the hot spot. The price range of this Chinese smartphone is crazy. At less than $150, you can walk away with a three inches on IPS screen and get some great looking designed model that everyone love to lay their hands on.

Cubot X19 Review

cubot x19

You get great viewing angles and a 1080p resolution so definitely a nicer looking screen that gets bright enough. You can actually see it outside and that’s definitely important now.

The phone is being powered by the Mediatek Helio P23 and we’ve seen the CPU for a lot of chinese devices and this processor is very similar or somewhat better than the snapdragon 625.

cubot x19 features

Aside from that the phone has 4GB of ram and 64GB of internal storage and that internal storage can be expanded with an SD card. That means that you can install apps on the SD card while the biggest downside for this phone is the fact that the frame.

Cons of Cubot X19

The back are made out of plastic so the phone doesn’t feel or look as premium as other devices. You need to use a phone case for that. So if you don’t use a case so this the back will be full of scratches in no time talking about the background on the back.


We have the holes for the speaker the holes for the microphone and the US Beam see charging port so these phone supports fast charging and charging the phone from 0 to 100 takes about an hour and 45 minutes to two hours so definitely not are not long considering that we have of 4000 milliamp hour battery inside. The speaker at the bottom here which is the only speaker that we have doesn’t sound spectacular

Camera Specs of the Smartphone

cubot x19 camera specs

You will find a 16 megapixel camera and supposedly a 2 megapixel camera now I don’t believe that the second camera works or it doesn’t do anything because if you take any pictures to the portrait mode well the portrait mode pictures are basically a circle in the center that’s in focus.

Everything outside the circle is blurred out so the bokeh mode or the portrait mode doesn’t actually look good for all the other pictures I think they look good enough for the price of the phone and the HDR works decent enough not spectacular but decent.

As soon as you don’t have enough light the pictures become a bit grainy now they don’t look horrible I’ve seen phones of more expensive phones that taken worse pictures in low light button.

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Pros of the Phone Cubot X19

The phone does good enough on the back that we also have a fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner works but it takes about half a second from the time that you press the fingerprint scanner for the screen to come on.

Fingerprint sensor

good feature of cubot x19

If you don’t want to use the fingerprint scanner of course the phone supports face unlocking but the face unlocking doesn’t work well if you don’t have the surrounding is dark. If you happen to be in a dark room the face unlocking is not gonna work so the face unlocking is done through the front-facing camera.

Talking about the front-facing camera to the right hand side of the front-facing camera we also have a little notification light um something that we don’t usually see with a lot of phones as well the picture quality from that 8 megapixel front-facing camera isn’t bad.

If you have plenty of light bottom once again as soon as you don’t have enough fly the pictures become a bit grainy err and a bit blurrier but overall for a former around $150 this is pretty decent at the bottom of the phone.

Battery Life

The four thousand milliamp hour battery is personally expecting a bit more but definitely good enough and that you will make it run entire day. The company is pushing out on updates the launcher is very close to stock Android just as we’ve seen in the past from other Cubot devices.

Another plus point is that with this device you also get a pretty decent GPS unit inside it and up it takes the phone only a couple of seconds to find your location. Once it finds your location it doesn’t seem to lose it then using any navigation app works good.


No complains about that as for the speeds over the 4G network and the dual band Wi-Fi those are really good as well so to quickly conclude this video the biggest downside for this phone is the fact that the frame and the back are made out of plastic and it doesn’t give you that premium feel that we get from other devices like the Xiaomi redmi note 5 or the note 6.

Conclusion – Worth it?

So on so that is definitely the biggest downside it’s nice that we don’t get an arch because a lot of people don’t like notches the screen looks really nice the cameras are kind of average the battery life is also kind of an average so a lot of things about this phone are average of $150 while the others mid range Chinese phone will cost 300 dollars.

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