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2015 was the year the first bluetooth wireless earphones became available to the public. “EARIN” was the first brand to launch them, followed by Apple’s Airpods after which, every brand began releasing their own line of wireless earphones.

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We review 8 popular wireless earphone models so that you can decide which best suits your needs!

Models Reviewed:

1. Sony “WF-SP700N”

2. Sony “WF-1000X”

3. JVC “HA-ET900BT”

4. Bose “SoundSport Free wireless headphones”

5. Pioneer “C8 truly wireless” (SE- C8TW)

6. GLIDiC ” Sound Air TW – 5000 ”

7. EARIN” EARIN M – 2 ”

8. NUARL” NT 01 – MB ”

Our Reviewers

We’ve reviewed AAC compatible wireless earphones; those that aren’t are transmitted with a SBC codec. The wireless connection between the phone and the earphones were tested at Shinjuku station, in the morning when there are many people on their way to work.

1. Sony “WF – SP 700 N”



Price: Around 21,960 yen ($200USD) (excluding tax)
Released: April 28, 2018

The earphones boast an IPX4 rated material that protects the earphones from sweat and rain. It also features a noise canceling function that reduces ambient noise as well as an ambient sound option that allows you to enjoy your music while being able to listen to external sounds as well.

The earbuds come in four different sizes that let you fit the earphones perfectly to your ears. It is designed for workouts which means, even though you move, the earphones won’t.

【SPEC】 ● Corresponding codec: SBC, AAC ● Continuous playing time: Up to 3 hours (NC ON / OFF) ● Charging time: Approximately 1.5 hours of main body and charging case takes about 3 hours (full charge) ● Colors: Black, Yellow, Pink Weight: Only main body (left and right) about 7.6 g, charging case about 45 g Accessories: Hybrid Earpiece Long SS / S / M / L (2 each), Arc supporter M / L (2 each) , USB cable for charging

【Connection Stability】 ◎ “It was completely uninterrupted even before the ticket gate at Shinjuku Station where many people were busy” (Yamamoto)

2. Sony “WF-1000X”



Price: 18,090 yen ($163 USD)

A completely wireless model, outfitted with the industry’s best in class noise cancelling technology. It comes with a dedicated application called the Headphones Connect that allows you to customise your preferences for your audio. You can also customise the “Adaptive Sound Control” feature which identifies the activity you are performing like traveling, running and automatically sets the ambient sound accordingly.

In addition to the hybrid earpiece, there is a “Triple Comfort Earpiece”, a combination of silicon foam material developed independently for silicone rubber with two kinds of hardness. There is also sound insulation which gives you the best quality of sound and it’s also very comfortable to wear.

【SPEC】 ● Corresponding codec: SBC, AAC ● Continuous playing time: Up to 3 hours (NC ON / OFF) ● Charging time: About 1.5 hours of main body and charging case takes about 3 hours (full charge) ● Colors: Champagne gold, Black Weight: Main body only (left and right) About 6.8 g, charging case about 70 g, Accessories ●: Hybrid Earpiece Long SS / S / M / L (2 each), Triple Comfort Earpiece S / M / L (2 each) , Fitting supporter M / L (2 each), charging USB cable

【Connection Stability】 The connection of these earphones are highly dependant on the radio waves signal strength in the location you are using them.

3. JVC “HA-ET 900 BT”


HA-ET 900 BT

Price: 8,640 yen (USD$77)

This is JVC’s first wireless model. It has a feature called the “Pivot Motion Support” that makes this earphone fit in any ear of any size with the help of its rotating ear pieces.

The oval shaped design helps with easy mountability, with a 3 point support structure that gives it a strong vertical support. It is built for intense use such as running and other sports. It’s waterproof and IPX5 rated which means it can be washed with water.

There is also a JVC Headphones manager app that one can use to check the battery power and to change the sound mode.

【SPEC】 ● Corresponding codec: SBC, AAC ● Continuous playing time: Up to 3 hours ● Charging time: About 2 hours on the main body and about 3 hours of charging case (full charge) ● Colors: Blue, Black, Red, Yellow ● Weight: Approximately 6.5 g of body only (left and right), approx 35 g of charging case ● Accessories: 2 each of standard earpieces (S / M / L), 2 low noise isolating earpieces (S / M / L) Charging case, carrying carrying pouch with clip

【Connection Stability】  “It’s occasionally intermittent when the smartphone is in your pocket. Otherwise I could use it stably in most situations”

4. Bose “SoundSport Free wireless headphones”


SoundSport Free wireless headphones

Price: 28,944 yen ($260 USD)

Equipped with its own digital signal processing and an equalizer optimized for clear, balanced sound according to the volume. Moreover, the “StayHear + Sport chip” with its conical nozzle fits ears gently and its unique wing maintains a stable fitting feeling even during exercise. Affixing a water repellent mesh material for the open port prevents water from entering the inside and can be used without worrying about sweat and rain (equivalent to IPX 4).

The BOSE SoundSport is equipped with its own digital signal processor and an equalizer that is optimized for balancing the sound according to the volume. With these features the sound you receive is clear and strong. The “StayHear + Sport” tips evenly fit your ear, stabilizing the earphones within your ear.

The water repellant mesh keeps out water from the open ports and will not be affected by sweat or rain. It’s IPX4 rated.

【SPEC】 ● Corresponding codec: unpublished ● Continuous playing time: up to 5 hours ● Charging time: About 2 hours of main body) ● Colors: Midnight blue, Black, Bright orange ● Weight: About only body (pair) about 18g, charging case is about 80g ● Accessories: StayHear + Sport chip (3 sizes), charging USB cable

【Connection Stability】  ” You can get uninterrupted service even in crowded areas. “

5. Pioneer “C8 truly wireless”


C8 truly wireless (SE-C8TW)

Price: 12,026 yen ($108 USD)

In addition to SBC, the C8 also supports the AAC codec which produces high quality sound. The body of the earphone is made of silicone that gives a comfortable fit and exceptional grip. It’s also compatible with the Android based text to speech application, Notification App. This reads emails, SMS and other messenger services, calendar, news, a handy option for when your smartphone isn’t easily accessible.

【SPEC】 ● Corresponding codec: SBC, AAC ● Continuous playing time: Up to 3 hours ● Charging time: About 1 hour of the main body, charging case about 3.5 hours (full charge) ● Colors: Black ● Weight: Main body only (pair) 12 g, charging case about 125 g – Accessories: Earphone Chip (Silicon) S / M / L, USB Type – C cable for charging (0.25 m)

【Connection Stability】“The connection is stable if held in the hand, butslightly unstable when the smartphone is in the pocket” (Ichijo)

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6. GLIDiC “Sound Air TW – 5000”


Sound Air TW-5000

Price: 8181 yen ($73.68)

It’s a wireless model with a compact charging case that resembles a jewelry box. The earphones are compact and are suitable for women’s ears. With the Ultra Multi Fitting Feature, the fit is perfect and reduces the stress on your ear.

【SPEC】 ● Corresponding codec: SBC, AAC ● Continuous playing time: Up to 3 hours ● Charging time: About 1.5 hours on the main body and about 2 hours for the charging case (full charge) ● Colors: Black, White ● Weight: About 5g ● Accessories: Earpiece (XS / S / M / L), USB cable for charging, Easy guide

【Connection stability】  “It is stable in most situations and it is hard to cut the connection, but there was an exception when there was a connection issue when the station (Shinjuku) was too crowded”




Price: 29,252 yen ($263)

The EARIN M-2 features the MiGLO technology from NXP that provides uninterrupted connectivity. The earphones are lightweight. EARIN also offer a call function for smartphone connection. It has an external sound capture feature that lets you listen to sounds from outside. The Earin phone application lets you check remaining battery, balance settings, base boost function and external sound capture

【SPEC】 ● Corresponding codec: SBC, AAC, aptX ● Continuous playback time: up to 4 hours (stereo), up to 10 hours (monaural) ● Charging time: About 75 minutes in main body and 90 minutes in charging case ● Colors: Aluminum silver ● Weight: Approximately 3.6 g of body only (left and right each), About 56 g charging case ● Accessories: USB cable for charging, silicon chip, foam chip

【Connection Stability】  “The connection stability is excellent”

8. NUARL “NT01-MB”

NUARL (Nuarle)

NT 01 – MB

Price: 14,750 yen ($132 USD)

This is Nuarl’s first wireless model and it runs HDSS (High Definition Sound Standard) that suppresses distortion and produces clear, 3D sound. It complies with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 Standard. These earphones incoporate some advanced technology like the Mutual Coupling Antenna Technology and Qualcomm True Wireless Stereo that connects the left and right earphones that brings stability.

The earphone is water resistant with a IPX4 rating.

【SPEC】 ● Corresponding codec: SBC, AAC ● Continuous playing time: Up to 5 hours ● Charging time: About 1.5 hours on the main unit and about 3 hours for the charging case (full charge) ● Colors: Matt black, Black silver ● Weight: (S / L), Ear Loop (S / L), Pouch, Charging Case Approx. 26 g ● Accessories: Ear Piece (Fitting Type, Plug)

【Connection Stability】 “The communication is very stable, but there were a few cases where it was interrupted when you put the smartphone in your pocket. In crowded places, it helps to keep the smartphone in your hand”.

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