Walkie Talkies for Kids

walkie talkie for kids

Playing with your kids at home? Get these cheap walkie talkie to your doorsteps without spending a lot of money.

What should you keep in mind when buying walkie talkies?

The following are some of the things you must consider when buying a walkie talkie:

  • Range

The first thing you should look for in a walkie talkie is its range. The range lets you know how far you can be to use the walkie talkie without communication interruption. For kids, you can buy walkie talkies that work well within a few meters. However, if you are looking for professional use, you must look for walkie talkies that work well for long distances. 

Usually, price increases with an increase in the range.

  • Channel Numbers

The channel numbers depend on the number of people you want to contact using your walkie talkie. 

  • Battery

Considering the battery life is essential when buying a walkie talkie. You do not want to walk around with a charger all the time. You must take note of the battery life, especially if you are looking for walkie talkies for professional use.

  • Size and Weight

The size and weight of a walkie talkie depend on the use. For instance, toy walkie talkies for kids are smaller and lighter. 

Best Walkie Talkie for Kids

Now that you know how to choose the best walkie talkie, shall we look at some of the best walkie talkies on AliExpress? In this article, I have put together walkie talkies for kids. Here are my top picks –

Mini Walkie Talkie with Flashlight

The mini walkie talkie is sold by Hongkong Retevis Store, which is one of the Top Brands of AliExpress. The store has been selling on the platform for about nine years and has 98.7 percent positive feedback. 

The Retevis walkie talkie is one of the best options for your kids and has over two-thousand orders. It is available in five color options. The best feature of this walkie talkie is that it is light in weight and small in size. 

walkie talkie with flashlight.JPG

It works on 4 AAA batteries that you do not get in the package. You can also use 4 AAA rechargeable batteries. 

It has a belt clip that makes it portable for the kids. They do not have to hold it in their hands. It comes with a flashlight, which is not just fun for kids but also useful. Another interesting feature that makes it a great choice is the availability of a headset jack. Your kids can use a headset to listen. 

It has a range of 800 meters, which does not limit its functionality to being just a toy. It is also a great communication device for kids and parents. 

Other functions:

  • 10 call tones
  • VOX function that lets you talk without pressing the PTT (Press to Talk) button.
  • Keypad lock
  • Clear LCD display

You can get this for your kids here.

Two-way walkie talkie

The two-way walkie talkie is sold by the WK store that has been on AliExpress since 2018. It has positive feedback of 97.5 percent. It comes in four color options, including camouflage that is sure to get your child’s attention.

The walkie talkie has a range of 3 km, which is great for kids. You can also use it to communicate with your munchkin. It requires 3 AAA batteries each, which do not come with the package. 

two way walkie talkie.JPG

It has a back clip that allows your kids to keep it clipped in their pockets. The LCD screen is clear, and the buttons are easy to use. The walkie talkie comes with a flashlight that is both helpful and fun. 

You can get this for your kids here.

Watch Walkie Talkie

The watch walkie talkie is sold by Toy Park Store that has positive feedback of 92.2 percent. What I love about this walkie talkie is that your kids can wear it as a watch. 

It is a 7-in-1 camouflage walkie talkie that your kids will adore. It can work as seven different things, including as a watch, a walkie-talkie, a night light, and a compass. 

watch walkie talkie.JPG

It is easy to use, and the design makes it appealing to the kids. To talk, you have to press the PTT button. The extendable antennas make transmission clearer, and the LCD shows time clearly. 

You can get this watch for your kids here.

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